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Our Vision


Our Mission

We minister to women hoping to restore their lost hope and faith in God and to equip them with life skills to ensure they have a better, and safer life.  One of our goals is to break the chain of poverty for themselves and their future generations, to ensure educational opportunities for their children, and enhance their sense of self-worth and value. We also minister to the community surrounding us, that we may lead by example, shine our light so that they may be encouraged to better their circumstances.

Our Mission

Our Future

We are in the process of developing a program for our women in the ministry.   We purchased two 3 acre pieces of land in Buwama, Uganda.  It's a beautiful area with so much to offer.  Lake Victoria is just on the horizon, the Equator is a 45 min drive, and they are building a Zoo very close to us.  One of the 3 acres is being transformed into a farm; the other 3 are our ministry's future home and additional farmland.  We have dug a well with clear, clean water, a water tower to pump the water into for daily use, keep our animals hydrated and irrigate our crops.  We will share our water for drinking with our neighbors as well.  We just finished our fence and gate for protection and to keep the farm contained.  We just laid the foundation for 3 homes for our families participating in our program.  At this point we are depending on donations to finish the homes.  

Please visit our Blog for more details and keep current on our progress with the farm and our Women's Program.  We are so excited about this new chapter in our ministry.  Please consider joining us with sponsorships and building projects.

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Our Future
About Us
WOFAHU Founder Karri Misky with a member of the Women of Faith and Hope Uganda community.

About Us

In 2007 I chaperoned my son’s Senior Mission trip to Kampala, Uganda.  During that trip I met a 9 year old boy, Elijjah (Elly).  He had the most beautiful smile and magnetic personality.  He followed us around for 4 days and I fell in love with him.  On our last day, Sunday, we attended the church where Elly and his family attended.  There I met his mother, Justine, and we exchanged email addresses. 


About 3 years later, Justine contacted me to let me know that Elly was in the States with a children’s choir and gave me their contact information.  Of course, I contacted them and got their schedule. My husband and I drove to the closest concert to us and met with him.  He ended up spending the Summer with us. 

The organization he was with took groups to Uganda twice a year, and I went on one of those trips. I was able to spend a little time with Elly and his mom, but I was on the organization’s time and couldn’t see him that much.  I continued to travel with them 4 more times, but each time I just saw Elly a little bit. 


I decided to make a trip by myself for two weeks and spend the whole time with Elly and his family.   I got a hotel with connecting rooms.  Elly and his sister, Gloria stayed in one room and Justine and I stayed in the other one.   Together 24/7 was heaven. 


Justine and I became very close during this time.  She has been ministering with the women in her area and the slums nearby.  She has bible studies on Wednesdays, and has for years.  She asked me if I would speak to the group and of course I agreed.  I planned a message on Encouragement and Justine’s family cooked a huge banquet for all of us.  The ladies taught me how to make paper beads and we had the most wonderful day. 


That night I asked Justine if the ladies had been baptized and she said most had not.  She contacted them to see if anyone was interested, and they were.  I gave a lesson on baptism and we baptized 21 ladies in Lake Victoria that day.  In total we have baptized 49 women, children and one husband. 


Even though Justine  had this ministry for years, we decided to put a face and name to the ministry, and that’s how Women of Faith and Hope Uganda (WOFAHU) was born. 


I continue to visit every year for about two weeks.  God has begun to do mighty things with this ministry and we look forward to growing as we continue to listen for His voice and travel the path that He has laid before us.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Team

Our Team


Justine Nambalirwa
Founder and COO

Ms. Nambalirwa is the founder of  Women of Faith and Hope Uganda.  She works directly with our ladies and communities in Kampala and Buwama, Uganda


Karri Hayes Misky
Co-Founder, Director

Ms. Misky is Co-Founder and Director of Women of Faith and Hope Uganda.  Located outside of Nashville, TN, she works hand in hand with the team in Uganda.  Together with her husband, John Misky, they take care of funding with supporters and donations.


Fabian Ssebulime
CEO and Legal Counsel

Mr. Sebulime is the CEO and legal counsel to WOFAHU.  He is also family, son of Justine Nambalirwa.  Mr. Sebulime is a key contributor to the running and success of WOFAHU.


Elijjah Elly Makubuya
Director of Children's Choir, Dance & Drum Team

Mr. Makubuya is the Director of our Children's Choir, Dance and Drum team.  He and his wife, Anitah, work with the TSE students in many capacities.


Gloria Nakiwanda
CFO, Dance Team Coordinator

Ms. Nakiwanda is the CFO of WOFAHU and works with the children in TSE.  She graduated from IUEA, the International University of East Africa with a degree in Business and Finance.  She works with the students of TSE in many capacities. 


Judith Torchia, DVM
Consulting Veterinarian

Judith Torchia, DVM consults with a local veterinarian and assists with implementing programs for the health and care of the animals on our farm in Buwama.


John Robert Misky
Contributing Advisor and Advocate for Children's Affairs

Mr. Misky is a key contributor and advisor for WOFAHU and in addition, to the growth and development of the Tweyanze School of Excellence, focusing on the Spiritual Growth of the children. 


Eveline Kester
Contributing Advisor and Advocate for the Tweyanze School of Excellence

Eveline Kester has played a pivotal role in taking TSE from a Home School to an accredited Primary School of over 180 students.  She is a key contributor to the financial needs by leading Fund Raising for the school.


TC and Angie David
Partners, Key Contributors, Advocates, and Fund Raising.

TC and Angie David have worked hand-in-hand with Justine and the families for over a decade, providing food, school fees, and training for our ladies.  We "Officially" welcome them to our team and Board.  This ministry would not be where it is today without them, and we're just getting started.

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