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Sponsors Change Lives

This is Sylvia and her daughter, Joan. They live in "The Swamps," a community built on stilts in the marsh of Lake Victoria. This is the worst of the worst, and the people here have no other option because the rent is so low.

Sylvia and her daughter once lived in a comfortable home. Sylvia had a small business making Samosas and selling them on the street and door to door. She fell seriously ill and has been unable to work. Without this income, she lost her home.

The rains are so heavy that this area has been flooded several times throughout the year. Many people and children drown each year. One of our ladies lost her two-year-old daughter from a snake bite; another lost her 3-year-old son when he fell through the mud. During the dry season, the mud will surface and dry, appearing to be solid land.

When a family from this area joins our ministry, we do our best to move them into a safer, dryer place. The only way to do this is to find a sponsor for them. For $35 a month, they can pay a higher rent, buy food, and send their children to school. Once they have a sponsor, we will find a new place for them and pay the landlord three months' rent so they can get back on their feet.

This is Florence and one of her two sons, Jordan and Jovan. They lived with her Father until he died, and they were unable to pay the rent. Their feet are rotten due to the dirty water and the inability to stay dry.

My ministry partner, Justine, and I visit with our families in The Swamp. It's the most horrible place that I've ever seen. I wouldn't say I would like to go, but if they live there, the least we can do is visit them. During one visit, Justine and I both got Typhoid. I was vaccinated but still contracted the disease.

We update our sponsors regularly by sending photos and videos. I travel once a year, and most of our Sponsors send gifts, photos, and letters. Last year, I made framed photos of the Sponsor families for them. They were so excited about them.

Please prayerfully consider joining your family with one of our families. To Sponsor, select "Sponsors" on the website. We have shown the families in the most need, which you can choose your family from or allow us to select the most dire families for you. We place the families living in the swamp first.

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