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Up, Up, and Away

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

I am heading back to Uganda once again Sunday, July 2nd. It's difficult to explain my connection to Uganda. First, it's the people, the land, the atmosphere; it's the smell of charcoal fires as soon as the plane lands. I feel better while I'm there. I sleep better while I'm there. I "feel" like myself. People comment on how I look in my photos while there. I'm just radiant.

Every time I plan a trip, there is always a focus or a theme for that trip other than the everyday ministry work. We will focus on our bible study and Cell Groups on this trip. We have always had a Wednesday bible study with the ladies. They are spread out quite a bit, so they enjoy coming together for fellowship, praise, worship, and studying the Word together.

As our numbers increased, we chose to start "Cell" groups. About 10-12 different groups meet at the same time and study the same scripture together. All groups meet at the ministry compound on the last Wednesday of each month, which is the highlight of their month.

Our ministry team will meet with each Cell group individually, fellowshipping with the ladies, getting to know them at their homes, and talking about their daily struggles. One thread that joins them all is their love for Jesus, their trust in God, and their faith in a better world to come. We stress the need for them to use their testimonies to help encourage others in their communities, shine their light and love for them, and share the gospel with them.

We will discuss baptism with them and offer them to be baptized at the end of the week when all groups come together in one Bible study. We will talk with each candidate separately and then plan accordingly.

After the baptisms, we will share communion with them and then celebrate the new lives in Christ by having a feast together. There will be music, dancing, fellowshipping, and lots and lots of food. The surrounding community is always invited to join us.

Please follow us on our Facebook page of the same name. I will be updating regularly throughout the two weeks of my trip.

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1 Comment

Jun 26, 2023

Amen we bless the Lord Jesus for the work of the ministry you're doing thanks for the ministry and praise the Lord Jesus Christ for evermore

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