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The Farm and The First Family

Updated: May 3, 2022

While we are planning, God is making things happen. This is Agnus and 3 of her kids. Agnus came to us and told us that she and her kids were living in the bush with no shelter and no food. We asked her why she hadn't told us before now, and she said she was embarrassed. We were building this structure for the storage of equipment and food. We decided to make a room inside of it for she and the children. Her two oldest are living with us and are thriving. Lawrence and Marie are on the dance team and enrolled in school.

We weren't ready to start the program, but God was, and so we did. That makes them "The First Family". Since they were living on the land, we had to make things happen a little bit sooner than anticipated. One night robbers went through the village and robbed several families, Agnus included. We were going to need a fence at some point, so we went ahead and put it in. Our goats were running out of grazing areas, so we brought them to the land and kept them tied up. Now they can roam free.

The family would also need electricity for light and charging their phone. So we had a solar pole installed, which gave them just that. It can run 4 lightbulbs and a battery station for plug-ins.

We are starting to clear the land for planting, and we will need water, of course. We are building the water tower now.

We asked them if they were happy here and this is the answer. They are managing the farm for us along with some local people to help with planted and maintenance. We are in the process of building them a house.

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