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Two more Homes on our Farm

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Our farm and community are really taking shape. Please read the previous Blog about our First House if you haven't already.

We laid the foundation for 3 houses last year and had been waiting for funding to build them. We were able to complete the first house with two generous donations several months back, and have been waiting on the Lord to provide for the other two.

I was serving at church one day and a lady came up to me and asked if we had anyone that could give her a ride. She said that she and her husband were from California and visiting their son. She heard about Bethel World Outreach in Brentwood, TN and she wanted to visit. Her husband had errands to run so he dropped her off at the church, and while he was out, he got into a car accident. I told her that I would take her and I got someone to cover for me. (Her husband was a little banged up, but ended up having a heart attack when they got home. He is doing well now).

During the time that Mary and I were together we talked about a lot of things. We both had recently lost our Mother's within less than a year of each other. I told her about the ministry, and told her that I used a trust fund that my grandmother set up for me for the land, well and fence. Once they were finished with the police and their car was being towed, I gave them a ride to their hotel and we said our goodbyes.

About two weeks later I texted her to see how they were doing, that's when she told me about her husband. I told her that I was thinking of them and just wanted to check in with her. I had given her a card for the ministry at the time we met so we could keep in touch.

About 45 minutes after we talked my phone pinged from the website. Mary had donated $5,000 to the ministry. I didn't know her last name but it said Mary from California, and as I collected myself, I texted her again thanking her and telling her how shocked I was. She told me that she had gotten an inheritance from her mother and couldn't think of a better way to honor her. I told her that we were waiting on God to provide the money to finish the next two houses and that was what we would use the money for. She was very pleased with this, and I asked her Mother's name. Gladys, thank you for raising such a fine daughter and for sending her our way.

Because building material, transportation costs and labor are so high now, we weren't able to complete the homes just yet. All we need are the windows and doors. and our next family can move in. Evas and her 3 children will now have a safe, dry and stable home. This is something that Evas has never had since she was 11 years old and her children have never know. I encourage you to read Evas' story in a previous blog.

If you would like to help us complete these 2 homes, the cost for the windows and doors for both is $1,000. Any amount would help and the next $1000 in donations that comes in will go to finishing these homes. Just go to the website and use the "Donate" button and specify "Homes". Our next project is irrigation, so anything over would go for that.

God has been moving in a mighty way in Uganda and we are so very thankful that we have been able to make a difference in so many lives through His Grace and provision.

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